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After retiring from 25 years developing successful websites and 15 of them exclusively in WordPress, Sue Polinsky is a WordPress pro. She’ll find the right team to work with your site. The agencies she recommends make sure your WordPress website works right, looks right, keeps the bad guys out and grows traffic and leads. She knows groups that audit websites and helps you understand that a contract is solid before you sign it. Sue knows how every part of your website should work and makes sure the group building yours is a solid company so your site works as you expect. She’s proud to be the online professional you can trust.

“The Web’s future is still so much bigger than the past.” Sir Tim Berners-Lee

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Sue Polinsky is an experienced online strategist and WordPress pro who understands WordPress. She has been involved in the WordPress community for more than a decade and participates in forums and Slack channels. She is the founder of the ConvergeSouth web conference and led it for ten years. A regular WordPress Community volunteer, Sue provides free webinars for local nonprofits. She leads a team of volunteer tech companies to do an Extreme Nonprofit Makeover – a complete, free technology makeover for a local nonprofit for 16 years.

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