Want to build your online presence? Thinking about podcasting? Want to build a YouTube channel with tips, tricks or recipes? Then building yourself online is something you want to do! We help people who want to be seen get seen online. Businesses and consumers are moving their focus to online resources when they make decisions, hire consultants and experts, find painters and decorators and get recommendations.

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The “Presence Process” Steps

1. Strategize

Set your goals. Make them “now” and “future.” What will you be known for?

2. Choose a Platform

Hub and spokes. Your website is your center. Your platforms link to it and from it.

3. Update Good Content

What will you be known for? Start putting your content into docs to organize your website and platform focuses.

4. Engage & Be Social

Set aside time to interact with your followers’ comments. Be nice. Talk to them and ask for feedback.

5. Build Relationships

You never know who’s who. Engage with your users, make them feel like friends.

6. Connect with Brands

Eventually you may be contacted by brands to test and post about products. Build a process for that.

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Why build your online presence?

If you’re reading this, you are thinking about building your online presence. It means that you are more than simply visible online. It means that if we search for you, we find you on more than one platform.

What social platforms help build your online presence?

People are moving more and more online.

They want to find you online and they want to find professional, friendly and engaging results about you. That’s why you want to grow your online presence. Professionally.

What platforms build your online presence?

Where and how you focus your online personality depends on what your goals are and in what industry you work. Any technical skills you don’t have now? You can learn them and we’ll show you how. Once you choose the format you prefer, like video, podcasting or the written word, we will walk you through how to get started and how to grow YOU online.

Let’s build your online presence!

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