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GET ME ONLINE helps get your eBook published, shows you how to use WordPress, provides WordPress expertise and consults on how to grow your social media presence. delivers on time and at budget.

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Get a WordPress expert with decades of expertise for WordPress websites & training!

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We consult with attorneys for depositions and discovery and with business and influencers’ projects.


If you want your book self-published and a better author presence, help with a depositions or discovery, grow your online presence or need WordPress training, we can help! 

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We can help figure out what’s wrong and steer you to a web development team that can fix or rebuild your website.

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Not sure how self-publishing works? Or what print-on-demand is about? Above all, we help you through the eBook publishing process.

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Sue Polinsky can help you "Get Me Online"

Why did Sue Polinsky start Get Me Online?

Sue Polinsky has built, launched, diagnosed and fixed websites for 24 years.

After retiring from website building, Sue launched GetMeOnline! to help frustrated authors get their books online and use her digital strategy skills. Sue consults with lawyers, entrepreneurs, authors and influencers and helps them get online bigger and better with strategic online consulting.

She was the Founder and President of TechTriad, Inc. and her role was the “Handholder-in-Chief.” She still is!

Sue Polinsky became a skilled eBook editor and publisher and as a result, now helps clients get their e-books online. She also consults with attorneys during discovery and depositions. She is an entertaining and informative speaker and is accepting virtual speaking gigs.

Sue Polinsky - Get Me Online!
Sue Polinsky – “Handholder in Chief”