How To Write an eBook that Sells: 5 Steps To Increase Your Success

Want to know how to write an eBook that sells? Here are 5 steps to increase your success.

  1. Focus your topic to identify your audience
  2. Build a comprehensive marketing plan
  3. Write a great long description
  4. Set up pre-sales for your eBook
  5. Market effectively and adjust your marketing plan based on sales

In this article, we share with you five steps that will help you write an eBook that sells and increase your chances of success.

Step 1: Choose a Topic That People Are Interested in for an eBook that Sells

Your topic choice is one step for how to write an eBook that sells

To write an eBook that sells, the first step is to focus on a topic that people are interested in and want to read. If you want to write about a specific topic, do your research and find out what people are talking about. Then, use that information to create an interesting and engaging story. Check on Amazon and Google searches for topics that people are looking for and gear your topic toward the popular searches. 

Step 2: Create a Comprehensive Marketing Plan for eBooks that Sell

Once you know what you want to write about, the next step is to create a comprehensive plan. Your plan should including both a comprehensive writing and marketing plan. This plan will help you keep track of your progress for both tasks.

How to write an eBook that sells: 5 steps to increase your success in marketing your eBook

  • Define your target audience. Are they fiction readers who like murder mysteries? Young parents looking for practical advice? History buffs with interest in a particular era in European history? Make sure you know who you’re writing for. Create a promotional plan that will help you reach your target audience.
  • Identify the best channels to market your ebook.  Are you targeting Amazon? Apple’s iTunes Store? Google Play? Or a different retailer altogether? Figure out which channels will give you the best results and invest in those marketing efforts. For example, Amazon Kindle provides an author page where you can help readers get to know you as an author and as a person. 
  • Create a cover that sells. You want your ebook to look appealing to potential buyers, so make sure your cover is eye-catching and fits the genre of your book.
  • Manage social media presence and reviews wisely. Social media has become an important part of marketing for ebooks, so make sure you’re using it effectively to market the book and you. If you’re not a social media pro, there are cost-effective options to hire an experienced KDP marketer who can use Amazon Advertising and Free Promotions to get your eBook found by potential buyers.
  • Write a compelling and engaging sales letter or pitch to convince readers to buy your ebook. You can create a flyer with easy links to your eBook that is geared to book clubs, civic or social groups you may belong to and hand them out at meetings. 

Step 3: Write a Compelling Long Description to Advertise Your eBook

If want to learn how write an eBook that sells, step three is to write a compelling long description for the back cover and on your Amazon ‘product’ page. A compelling long description is one of the most important parts of your ebook. It needs to be interesting enough to get readers to buy it, but also provide enough information so that they understand what the book is about. Make sure to use keywords that are relevant to your topic, and make sure your introduction is well-written and easy to read.

Step 4: Pre-Sales: Start Marketing Your eBook Before It’s For Sale

What the popular authors know about how to write an eBook that sells

Many successful authors know how to write an eBook that sells. They also know how to make it available for pre-order at sites like Kindle. Advertise an eBook a few weeks before it’s for sale using the eBook cover and long description to encourage readers to buy it. If you see little interest, consider adjusting your marketing plan. 

Step 5: Market Your eBook Effectively

Marketing your eBook is how you write an eBook that sells

Monitor and adjust your marketing plan as needed to reach your desired results. Your “Reports” page lets you know how many pre-orders and orders after publishing your book receives. Use those reports to see if their were spikes in sales.

If you see a spike, what ad or social media campaign did you run that caused the spike? Consider repeating it, maybe with a small twist. Once you’ve completed the book and uploaded it to Kindle, you’re ready to start marketing it.

Use your cover image, along with Amazon’s other promotional materials (like book excerpts, reviews, etc.), to get readers interested in your book. You can also use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to promote your ebook.

Follow these five steps and you’ll be on your way to writing an ebook that sells.

Monitor your eBook Sales Marketing Reports for eBook Sales Success
Monitor your eBook Sales Marketing Reports for eBook Sales Success