Digital Strategy Consulting

Before you take that deposition, before you set up that social channel, before you yell at the developer, talk to Dr. Sue Polinsky. She’s experienced in digital strategy consulting and is an online maven.

What is Digital Strategy Consulting?

Digital Strategy Consulting is a service that helps businesses maximize their message across different platforms. The first step is to assess your assets and help you choose the right technical solution for the platform (social media, podcasting, you name it!) you choose to build your online presence. Our goal is to provide short-term solutions as part of a long-term ongoing process because it has to be new all the time. We revisit your progress to find new ways to grow your brand.

What makes a great digital consultant?

  • She should be a creative thinker.
  • She thinks about the big picture but works practically (and in your budget).
  • She solves problems and doesn’t shift the blame away. Or on you.
  • She talks in plain language and understands your reality.
  • She collaborates and plays well with others.
  • She is a little OCD about organization and calendars to maximize time spent.
  • She wants to know more about your future goals.
  • She has an excellent reputation.
Digital Consulting Strategy helps grow your professional online presence on your website and in social media

Let’s look at examples of what we do: Digital Strategy Consulting:

Depositions / Discovery

  • Work with attorneys during depositions and discovery to “translate” technical terms
  • Check to see that the technology is realistic and accurate
  • Provide specific questions for lawyers to ask during discovery
  • Assess if the facts presented seem to be valid or have “holes”
  • Research and document custom software and tools

Your Online Presence

  • Help find your online direction and specialty
  • Provide templates to develop your online content
  • Assess your “hub & spokes” online personality
  • Show you painless ways to increase your online presence
  • Set up a schedule for your posts, videos and tweets

WordPress Consulting

  • Train you to update your WordPress “hub” website and notify your followers of new content
  • Show you how to maximize news posts to attract more visitors
  • Design a schedule for website posts that can be copied to (some) other platforms automagically
  • Integrate your followers’ Facebook logins to comment on your WordPress website

Get in Touch

Contact us: fill out the form, schedule a call or email GetMeOnline! to begin the process of getting your online presence noticed. If it’s a website, they last about 3 years. If you want to get your eBook published), look professional and get noticed online, we can help with all of that! Contact us today.